New Orleans Orthodontic Insurance

Orthodontic care comes with a price tag. Luckily, there is New Orleans orthodontic insurance to help offset some of these costs. Eli Orthodontics accepts dental insurance, and we are happy to explain your policy to you. If you don’t have insurance, getting quality orthodontic care is not out of the question. Our practice has attractive financing options available.

How Orthodontic Insurance Works

It’s important to realize that each insurance policy is different. When it’s time for braces, call your insurance company to learn the specifics of your policy. We can then assist you in choosing the most cost effective treatments that your insurance will cover.

Several factors can affect the cost of New Orleans dental insurance for braces. These include:

  • Type of treatment. Metal braces are more affordable compared to clear aligners. Your insurance may cover more of this treatment compared to Invisalign.
  • Age of patient. Many policies will only cover orthodontic work for children who are under the age of 18. Ask about age limits that come standard with your orthodontic insurance New Orleans LA.
  • Deductibles. Another factor that affects insurance is your deductible. If you have an annual deductible, you will have to pay it before the work will be covered.
  • Lifetime limits. Some New Orleans orthodontic insurance have lifetime limits, meaning that once you reach a certain cost, the insurance will no longer cover the care.

We Accept ALL Customers!

Eli Orthodontics is familiar with New Orleans dental insurance for braces, and we are happy to provide you with feedback. When we verify your insurance, we can tell you more about what will be covered and the best way to go about your care.

As a practice that genuinely cares about our customers, please reach out to Eli Orthodontics for your orthodontic needs. We have other options for customers without insurance, including financing options and Care Credit. And, each patient starts off with a FREE consultation and set of x-rays regardless of New Orleans orthodontic insurance!