Metairie Traditional Braces

Eli Orthodontics offers a wide range of solutions for correcting orthodontic problems, including Metairie traditional clear braces. When meeting customers for the first time, we frequently hear concerns over metal braces. Specifically, people tend to think of “metal mouth.” Fortunately, modern Metairie ceramic braces have improved from years before. Today’s braces have smaller brackets and are more effective.

Why People Choose Metal Braces

The two main reasons why people choose traditional metal braces in Metairie LA are because of cost and the type of orthodontic problem. Metal braces tend to cost less than clear aligners, making them a more budget-friendly option for the parents of tweens and teens. Eli Orthodontics also accepts dental insurance and has financing options to make Metairie traditional metal braces more affordable.

As for making orthodontic corrections, there are instances where Metairie traditional clear braces are the most effective solution. In these cases, we highly recommend traditional clear braces in Metairie LA. These braces also give orthodontists the ability to move the teeth in small increments.

What to Know About Choosing Metal Braces

Here are a few things to know about metal or ceramic braces in Metairie LA.

  • Clear braces have clear brackets and can be fitted with clear bands. This way, they blend in with the teeth for a less noticeable appearance.
  • Kids and teens who want traditional metal braces will enjoy the wide range of band color options.
  • In many instances, Metairie ceramic braces move the teeth faster than Invisalign aligners.
  • Advancements continue to be made, such as with heat-activated archwires. Ask our orthodontist about the latest technology!

Ready to learn more about Metairie traditional clear braces and how they can benefit your child? Get your free consultation and set of x-rays by calling Eli Orthodontics!