Metairie Orthodontic Insurance

The goal of orthodontic care is to correct the alignment of the teeth so that your smile looks beautiful! To help manage these costs, Metairie orthodontic insurance is available. Not everyone has insurance, however, and that’s OK. Working with an orthodontist like Eli Orthodontics opens up other payment options such as bank financing, interest free financing and credit options such as Care Credit.

If you do have Metairie dental insurance for braces, it’s important to realize that not all policies are the same. It all depends on what insurance carrier you have and the specific plan that you pay into. Some of our customers have excellent orthodontic insurance that covers much of their care, while others only receive some help. Call us before your first appointment and we can tell you more about what your Metairie orthodontic insurance will cover.

When Should You Think About Orthodontic Care?

In many cases, orthodontic insurance in Metairie LA only covers this type of dental care for children 18 years and younger. This, coupled with the fact that orthodontic problems are best corrected in childhood or adolescence, means that you should start thinking about orthodontic care when your child is as young as 6 or 7.

Here are a few signs to look for.

  • As teeth enter your child’s mouth, they look rotated, tipped or out of position.
  • Your child has an underbite or overbite that is pronounced.
  • Your child sucks their thumb or uses a pacifier past the age of 5.

Sometimes, braces are done in phases. For example, a child who has crowded teeth may need an expander at age 6 and then braces at age 11. Having a treatment plan can help you plan for the costs of orthodontic care and what Metairie dental insurance for braces will cover.

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