Metairie Orthodontic Expanders

If your child needs Metairie orthodontic expanders for teeth, Eli Orthodontics is happy to help! Our practice provides cutting-edge orthodontic care to children, teens and adults. Our environment is always warm and welcoming, as we realize that you will be visiting us frequently! We enjoys spending time with our customers and helping them create healthy, beautiful smiles!

What’s the Purpose for Needing Metairie Orthodontic Braces?

Some types of dental problems are best corrected in children because they don’t have their permanent teeth yet. The jaw, for example, does not fuse until sometime after puberty. Therefore, any type of jaw spacing issues should be dealt with early on.

Metairie orthodontic expanders for teeth are usually recommended as the first phase of the orthodontic correction process. Palatal expanders are worn over the top teeth in the back of the mouth. It may sound unusual, but we promise that it is not! Because the jaw is in two separate halves, wearing Metairie dental braces for teeth is tolerable.

Here are some of the most common reasons for needing orthodontic expanders for teeth in Metairie LA.

  • Crossbites. Expanders make the jaw bigger so that the upper teeth do not bite inside the lower teeth.
  • Crowding. Our orthodontist can determine if your child has enough room in their mouth to accommodate adult teeth. If they don’t, dental braces for teeth in Metairie LA will make more room.
  • Impacted teeth. Sometimes, teeth do not erupt because they are blocked by other teeth. Metairie dental braces for teeth create more space to allow adult teeth to come through.

Generally speaking, children are recommended orthodontic braces in Metairie LA because the jaw is easier to work on. However, our orthodontist can suggest the best course of treatment depending on your child’s individual needs. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about Metairie orthodontic expanders for teeth.