Mandeville Orthodontic Expanders

Mandeville orthodontic expanders for teeth are used to deal with crossbites, crowding and impacted teeth. The purpose of wearing these expanders is to make the jaw wider so that it can accommodate new, adult teeth. Mandeville dental braces for teeth are recommended for children because the jaw has not fused together yet and is easier to work on. Expanders also avoid the need for more painful tooth extractions.

Things to Know about Orthodontic Expanders for Teeth in Mandeville LA

If expanders have been recommended for your child, do not think they are as scary as they sound! The device may appear strange but it’s well tolerated by young patients.

Here are some of the most important things to know about Mandeville orthodontic braces.

  • Each expander is custom-made to fit the individual.
  • Expanders are worn over the top teeth in the back of the mouth.
  • When tightening orthodontic braces in Mandeville LA, the two palatal bones are gradually moved apart. This creates proper spacing and alignment in the jaw.
  • When the desired expansion is reached, the device is left in for a few more months.
  • Most Mandeville orthodontic expanders for teeth are worn for 3-6 months total.
  • Tightening expanders usually causes less discomfort than having braces tightened.
  • The end result after wearing expanders is beautifully aligned teeth that are properly spaced.

Getting Started with Mandeville Dental Braces for Teeth

To begin the start of your orthodontic journey, schedule a consultation with Eli Orthodontics. We will assess your child’s needs and how they can benefit from dental braces for teeth in Mandeville LA.

Our consultations are always free and include a set of panoramic x-rays. This way, we get a full understanding of the mouth and the problems that need to be corrected. To schedule your first appointment for Mandeville orthodontic expanders for teeth, call us today!