Kenner Traditional Braces

Kenner traditional clear braces are a great option for individuals who need braces but don’t want them to obvious. Clear aligners have received a lot of attention, but there are reasons for going the traditional route.

First, traditional metal braces in Kenner LA are more affordable than other options. This is good news for the parents of tweens and teens, especially if they will have multiple children in braces. Second, metal braces are more effective at treating certain orthodontic problems. Issues such as overcrowding or bite abnormalities are best corrected with Kenner traditional metal braces.

Modern Braces: Effective and Comfortable

Many parents worry that putting braces on their kids will be uncomfortable. Happily, modern Kenner traditional clear braces are more comfortable and effective than in the past. The brackets are smaller and use less metal, making them more lightweight on the teeth.

If you opt for Kenner ceramic braces, the brackets won’t be as noticeable. The brackets are clear, and you can choose clear bands as well. However, many young people enjoy getting the colored bands to express their personalities!

Eli Orthodontics for Ceramic Braces in Kenner LA

Eli Orthodontics is now working on our third generation of customers. We are honored to have completed over 20,000 cases. Many of our customers are still enjoying their corrections today!

By choosing us for traditional clear braces in Kenner LA, you can expect that your whole self will be treated. We take into account long term orthodontic corrections as well as aesthetic improvements. We want your smile to look great, but we also want you to have healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life!

Free Consultation and Satisfaction Guarantee

Get your free consultation and set of x-rays by calling our office today! Our orthodontist will put together a treatment plan for Kenner ceramic braces that includes flexible appointments, personalized attention and short and long term expectations. If you choose to go with us, we guarantee that we won’t take off the Kenner traditional clear braces until you are completely satisfied!