Kenner Orthodontic Expanders

Orthodontics is more than moving teeth for a better smile. It can involve a wide range of stages that start with Kenner orthodontic expanders for teeth. Children as young as 6 or 7 can get expanders because their mouths are not fully developed. The jaw does not fuse together until puberty, and many of the adult teeth are not in. This makes young children ideal candidates for getting orthodontic expanders for teeth in Kenner LA.

So what is the purpose of wearing expanders in the first place?

Expanders are worn over the top teeth in the back. They can look scary, but they are not painful as you might think! In fact, it is less uncomfortable to tighten expanders than it is traditional Kenner orthodontic braces. We’re happy to show you how the device works and the ways that it can help your child achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

The most common issues that Kenner orthodontic expanders for teeth correct are overbites, crowded teeth or impacted teeth. The expanders gradually widen the upper jaw to fix these problems. In total, patients wear Kenner dental braces for teeth for approximately three to six months. This is the first step in orthodontic care, and many patients continue treatment with braces.

What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Braces for Teeth in Kenner LA?

A dental health professional will provide you with more information about the individual benefits of orthodontic braces in Kenner LA, which is why we recommend a consultation. Our consultations are always friendly and free!

In general, here are the benefits you can expect from wearing Kenner dental braces for teeth.

  • Device is removable and fairly comfortable, making it easy for children to comply
  • The jaw is not fused together, allowing for fast, effective spacing corrections
  • A correct bite is produced, leading to easier breathing and straighter teeth
  • The jaw will grow correctly so that facial asymmetry is avoided
  • All upper teeth will be erupted in the correct positions

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