Baton Rouge Orthodontic Care

Eli Orthodontics offers a wide range of Baton Rouge orthodontic care for the whole family. We specialize in teens and adults, but children as young as 7 may require orthodontic care. With over 50 years of experience and 20,000 completed cases, our team looks forward to treating you and your family in the coming years!

Initial Consultation

Each customer is unique, so it’s difficult to predict what form of orthodontic care in Baton Rouge LA you can benefit from. To help with this, we offer customers a free consultation and set of panoramic x-rays. This gives us an opportunity to look inside your mouth and determine which treatments will be effective.

Consultations also give you the chance to step inside our office. If you do choose our Baton Rouge orthodontic care services for your needs, we will enjoy a long term relationship! Most customers see us every 8 weeks. We want you to get a good feel for the environment we provide, the friendly staff we employ and the Baton Rouge orthodontic care we offer.

Convenient Appointments

All appointments are flexible and convenient. We realize that most of our customers work or go to school full-time. This makes scheduling appointments difficult. Our orthodontic treatments in Baton Rouge LA are designed to be flexible so that you can schedule times that work for you. Appointments are quick as well. We get our customers in and out!

Easy Payments

Baton Rouge orthodontic treatments aren’t exactly cheap, but we help make them more attainable for our customers. Eli Orthodontics accepts most dental insurance plans. We also have interest free financing and bank financing that will make your payments affordable. Though many people consider Baton Rouge orthodontic treatments to be a luxury, we know that they are much more than that!

Call Eli Orthodontics to learn more about Baton Rouge orthodontic care!